Justin’s: Fave College Snack Brand!

School is fastly approaching and I am feeling a whirlwind of emotions! Dreading homework and 3 hour classes but so, so excited to see all my Delta Zeta sisters on the daily! One of the questions I get asked the most regarding college life is how to stay and eat healthy when living at school or commuting. Today I wanted to share my absolute favorite snack brands, Justin’s! Justin’s has a large range of products, but my faves are by far their individual snacks. I love their almond butter, so when I found out that they made little pretzel + almond butter snack packs I just about had a heart attack! They are so easy to throw in a totebag or backpack and are extremely healthy! PS, the peanut butter cups are perfect for when you need a midday sweet treat! I highly recommend trying them out, I promise you won’t regret it!
What are your go-to school snacks?
xo, Raquel

How To: Gallery Wall + Giveaway!

Well, I think basically all of my dreams have come true. I have finally made a gallery wall for myself and I physically cannot (and don’t want to!) stop staring at it. I have always admired gallery walls on Pinterest and Instagram and daydreamed about the day I would have my own. My mom moved to a new house and I thought, what better chance than now! Today I wanted to of course share some pictures, but also some really easy tips on how to start your own! Stayed tuned for a fun giveaway hidden in this post as well!


1. Get inspired: The great thing about gallery walls is that nothing has to match perfectly, however I did find that it helped that I had already become familar with them and had a baby idea of what I wanted. Look through pictures and really form an idea of what you want yours to be like!

PS, I think one of the best parts about my gallery wall is the striped canvas from The Red Headed Camel! She made this canvas specifically for my wall and it looks absolutely perfect. I am so excited to say that you can win this exact canvas by entering in the giveaway; click the link here! This giveaway will run until next Wednesday and there are several ways to enter. Trust me, you will want to enter because this canvas is absolutely can’t do it justice!

2. Give it time: I am a super impatient person when it comes to these types of things, I just want everything to come together immediately! But I learned that a really good and unique one won’t happen over night. Take the time to really search for pieces you adore and let everything sort of fall into your lap.

3. Practice: I definitely did not hang every thing up the first time I had them arranged on the ground because I was afraid it wouldn’t look right. So instead of just viewing the layout on my floor, I actually used painters tape to outline what each piece would look like on the wall, which helped tremedously. 

PS, I also used those sticky wall things (anyone, anyone?) to hold them up instead of nails so I can always rearrange if need be. I am so thrilled with the way it turned out and have been loving seeing it every day!

xo, Raquel